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Women's Sewing Group

Our workshops are held fortnightly on a Wednesday from 10am onwards during termtime


A creative experience that builds confidence and skills in individuals of all ages and abilities as we sew together!
So much of modern activity doesn’t have a physical end result. Sewing can make you any number of items from homeware, clothes, toys and gifts.  All items are created from upcycled fabric and we welcome donations of clean but unwanted clothing, bedding, curtains etc. even if they appear damaged and unusable. We will find a purpose for them!

The Benefits of Sewing

Self care. Me time prevents burn out. An activity chosen for your own enjoyment allows you quality time - because you’re worth it.
Lowers blood pressure. Studies show that the more experienced you become, the lower your heart rate drops while sewing.
Protects the brain. Following patterns, problem solving - and the whole activity of sewing can impact neuroplasticity and protect against the signs of aging and symptoms of dementia.
Improves Hand-Eye Coordination. Measuring, cutting and preparing fabrics, threading needles, and using the machine will hone hand-eye coordination through repetition and practice.
Builds relationships. Working in a group combats isolation and loneliness, and provides peer support in a non threatening environment.
Increases self esteem. Experience the joy of accomplishment and the appreciation of others who see the fruits of your labour. Sewing gives you all sorts of reasons to feel proud of yourself and like yourself better.
Boosts creativity. Success will increase motivation, lead to new ideas, mastering techniques and flood your brain with that feel good factor.
Saves money. Repairing and customising undoubtedly saves you from buying new, and with your skills you can create personalised gifts for others that cost less but show greater consideration and forethought.
Helps the environment. There is a never ending amount of textiles going into landfill. By recycling and upcycling our own creations for yourself and family you are more likely to love them and keep them for longer.
Promotes mindfulness. Sensory overload happens when you multi-task too much. Sewing calls a halt to that as you focus on being in the moment, halting ruminating thoughts and easing stress and symptoms of low mood.
Reduces screen time. You put your phone and other devices away – at least until your work is complete and you want to show it off to friends!

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