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Our World is Your World- Walk With Little Amal

On Wednesday 10th November 2021, we were delighted to join Little Amal in a powerful event of welcome in Glasgow's iconic George Square.

Our ladies sewing group created a banner of welcome with personal messages to Amal. We presented her with a heart decorated with HOPE (the meaning of the name Amal). We were also commissioned to make skirts from upcycled materials for the performers joining with Good Chance Theatre for the event.

"Amal arrives lost and alone in this new city. She lies down to go to sleep - gradually the square will fill with people from all over the world. Join in this huge act of solidarity with those who have already had to leave their homes because of the climate crisis. And the many more who will if we, and those in power, don't act now".

Find out more at

Read the blog ‘The night I sang a lullaby to Little Amal by Elahe Ziai.


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